What in the world is that?

Darren is younger than you might think.

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I was surprised to hear that she passed for a model here.

What does she think about my car?

Are we really sure that this is the real life?

What was happening?

I thought we could talk about Nicolas.

There's someone here.

We are designing technology for common people.

What else did you say to her?

We want you to take command of this unified force.


He makes good in everything he does.

Norm's flight has just taken off.

What did I ever do to you?

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For me, there is nothing more fun to do than to talk with him.

What am I going to tell Giovanni?

We have room for three more.

Let's forget to study and enjoy ourselves tonight.

By what authority do you order me to do this?

I can't afford to rent a house like this in Tokyo.

Vidhyanath is no longer a child.

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A cat has nine lives.

I wanted to see if there really was someone out there.

Keith said Jimmy didn't like him.

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I get on very well with your cousin.

Is that why you've stayed?

It's similar.

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He can even play the drums.

I have a feeling you're going to like this.

This is the house in which he lives.

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It has dawned on me that I mistook his intention.

We weren't scared.

You learn fast.

That really bothers me.

The fitting thing was that you should foresee it.

Can you see the picture?

Stacey is a little nuts.

Ask her.

Peter doesn't need to attend the meeting.

Lynne is preoccupied with something.

I want to speak to you.

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I'll be your friend.

Try not to buy anything on impulse today.

Jeffie speaks Japanese better than the Japanese do.

I do not think of you.

I really don't understand the plan they presented.

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What are your weekend plans?


Larry felt the train begin to move.

What's Lonhyn going to find?

You should eat.

Maria hasn't eaten or drank the whole day.

If you don't want to stay alone, I can keep you company.

I'd love to have one of those.

You think I'm bluffing, don't you?

Sri will never admit that.

Leigh has just graduated from college.

Who is your enemy?

Vijay missed you.

That's what you told me.

That famous poet planned on killing himself in his library.

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I must help my mother.

Most of the work is performed by robots.

Judging by what I've heard.


I want to get married and I want to have kids.

You said that you were here yesterday.

I think you shouldn't tell Werner the truth.

I don't think I've ever seen you so upset.

Kristin never lets anyone do anything.

The section chief was really livid. What did you do?

I heard you were looking for a lawyer.

Her face came back vividly to my memory.

My husband likes to have a drink in the evening. He drinks 6 or more bottles of sparkling wine and 5 or 6 bottles of warm sake. Sometimes he has a day where he doesn't drink, but it has never lasted for more than two days.

Jack is now either in London or Paris.

We are fifteen in all.

I don't pretend to love him.

We'll bury it.

I will be loved.

His avuncular mien endears him to small children.

You're winning.

Oskar has gone back to Boston.

Say that again.

The skaters skated around the rink.

Why did you stop updating your blog? I always looked forward to reading it.

He is one of the best brains in our country.


Jennie is a speech writer.

I'll go check.

The coffeepot is boiling.

The bus stops before my house.

Jakob is the man Russ met the other day.

Beats me.

I just want them to get well.

It rains here often.

Elsa apologized to his teammates.

Think of all the times we've been in trouble before.

Mother went to town to get some bread.

Place your skis in an inverted V.

We will come back tomorrow.

Christina looked a little pale.

Saiid is a really in-your-face kind of guy.

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Tell Roderick that I need to borrow his car.

I love the beaches in Australia.

No one shall dictate to me.

I was dropped from the baseball team.

We were all so tired.

How long had you been waiting when we arrived?

Have you ever dated a girl?

I said so.

The bus was late.

Remember that you aren't alone.

The media doesn't distribute this news.


Among the Internet sites that publish information on education related businesses are those given below.

Are you messaging?

Everything is going as it should be going.

Answer at once when spoken to.

More haste, less speed is a paradox.

He's going to go and lie down for a bit.

How do we know you're not lying to us?


Raymond didn't come till noon.

I think he is sick.

All the girls think he's the bomb.

Cancer is a great enemy of humanity.

You were meant for me.

We don't know where they are now.

We have some plans in view.

The police were able to find the criminal.

I haven't seen you helping much around here.

We have no reason to change our plans.

Turn off the water.

Unlock the cabinet with this key.

Old age creeps upon us unnoticed.


This seems stupid.

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Joe could tell Kent was troubled.

Her fingers were trembling.

How long have you been traveling?

Becky arrived home to find that Alexander had packed her things and left.

I had a marvelous time last night.

I can't give it to you.

It's ten o'clock sharp.

I just needed some fresh air.

Page would never try to steal my job.

I am ashamed of myself.

As we no longer alter the spellings of loanwords to match typical English spelling conventions, this leads to many words with unusual spellings, like "guanxi", "qarin", "kawaii" and "burqa".

Donne's house burned down in 2013.

Don't you want to visit us?


The university has turned out competent doctors.

I feel like a kid again.

Koala bears smell like eucalyptus.


A thief broke into the house while we were away.

I've got a message for him.

We should adopt his proposal.

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Did you get good marks?


All men are created equal.

We have the best team ever.

Bertrand felt good.

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The pursuit of truth is admirable.


The inspector arrived at the school late on Monday morning.


We're trying to locate them.

I don't need your job.

He requested that I come here again this afternoon.

You may take the book.

Please excuse me for coming late.


Gunter was trying to pick the lock.

Herman says Kelvin is to blame.

He worked through the night.

They contradict themselves constantly.

These are mine.


It's the most important of all the elements for public health and medicine.

Theodore is a goner.

It was agreed to.

Nichael paid the money back.

Andrew made Mickey stop.


Would you like some lemonade?