I met her at the airport.

His customers dropped off.


I'd like to know what you talked about.

I can't eat the apple.

Nothing's wrong with her.

The cat on the tree came down to me.

You know me so well.

Do you still want us to take care of your dog?

He was sick, so he couldn't attend the party.


Raise your hand if you have a question.

It was not my mistake.

Allan is a complete failure as a father.

At that time my house was already built.

I thought Tal wasn't going to be working today.


The man drinks water.


These students are Korean.

I will attentively review your comments over the next few days.

I'm sure Naomi would like that.

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Were you able to do everything you wanted to get done?

It's pointless. However much we try, we won't succeed. Now admit it.

The students could not answer.

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You must avail yourself of every opportunity.

Is there any possible to recharge our mobile free of cost?

Is there a bus service?

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The city of Toronto has about 160 community recreation centres, many of which include swimming pools, skating and curling rinks, gymnasiums, weight rooms and meeting rooms.

Be just and you will be happy.

I have to find out who killed Anthony.


Confusion arose from the accident.

I won't be a minute.

My brother is two years older than I, but he is three centimeters shorter.

You may ask any questions you want.

It's a lot of fun to be with you.


Why are you curious all of a sudden?

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"I've never thought about this," said the man. "What should we do?"

Mr. Smith spoke so quickly that I couldn't catch what he said.

Kim's eyes softened.

Is that important?

Have you finished reading the book I lent you last week?


We've got a boat.

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I couldn't be any more tired.

I think him to be rich.

It's not the same around here without you.

When the elevator goes up, the counterweight goes down.

If Sam had woken up earlier, he wouldn't have missed the bus.

Don't be embarrassed, Jagath.

It would be better if you work this afternoon.

Do we have to have our cat spayed?

Edith is the boy I told you about the other day.


Can you imagine yourself alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean?

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I'm scared of killing animals.


Good luck. You're going to need it.


You should've come and talked to me.

She could divert herself from the anxieties.

I cannot sew buttons on this jacket. I need a stonger needle.

Devon tried to hug Herbert.

The nearest star is about four and half light-years away from the earth.


I had to have two fillings.


On an average how many miles do you walk a day?

Nichael couldn't control himself.

My hand's getting too cold.


You prefer a paperback edition.

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Give me the slippers! Hey! Give them to me!

This is not a table but a chair.

I haven't found a doctor yet.

Why are you nervous?

Himawan heard his telephone ringing.

One in three Americans believe that the sun goes round the earth!

I have climbed Mt. Fuji three times.

Hans had never been away from home before.

I suppose you're not an expert in these matters.

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Dan is staying here forever, whether you like it or not.

We'll send something.

Kansas is smack dab in the middle of the US.

Your presentation was so smooth and fluent - what can I say?

I'm not too good at this game.

She came near being drowned.

Can I interest you in a drink?


Wait for your sister.


You are very nice.

Troy left Syun.

One day she was spoken to by a stranger.

Can you make us some breakfast?

When did you meet Sherman?


This book will change your life.

Eveyone had left, and he stayed there.

So long as I live.

I remember meeting you somewhere.

What's the name of that fat girl you used to date in high school?

The Italians often drink coffee.

Above all, beware of pickpockets.

I work on a farm.

I want to go over it again.

I wasn't talking about anyone in particular.

Do you think she will like that?

He spoke in a broken English that was hard to understand.

It was she who stole the photos.

As for getting to my house from the airport, the best way is by taxi.

I loved high school.

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Hotta persuaded me to do it.

I just said the same thing.

I found the food too greasy.


That link used to take me to your website, but it doesn't work anymore.


A cry arose from the crowd.

Is this a budget problem?

I'm thankful to be alive.


I have half a mind to see that myself.

It's great to see Cole having fun again.

We want everybody to leave.

She slept more than ten hours yesterday.

James is in the same hospital as Carl.


I think they look good.

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My computer won't boot up.

Joe picked out a gift for Ross.

Don't play with his feelings!


Why did I never make a movie during my numerous journeys?

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Look, if you still want to go, I won't stop you.

Are you embarrassed?

I've made some mistakes.

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Why are you translating this article?

I told Kayvan that I would buy him another skateboard.

Come in!


I forgot to tell him.

I received this fax from them.

We competed with each other for the prize.

The man asked me who I was, to which question I did not think it necessary to answer.

I hope you got what you needed.

It was a private matter.

At what time can you be there?

She is a girl full of sentiment.

Reading is not less necessary to our mind than food is to our body.


I am not myself anymore. I've become a laughable caricature of my deepest self.

You've been very nice about it.

We're still waiting for an answer.

The gangsters let him in on their plan to knock off a rival gang leader.

That isn't going to change.

It was Norm's suggestion that we leave early.

Did you tell Marty about what we did?


Be nicer to your sister.


I know how to read between the lines.

Could you ask her to call me?

Those aren't my rules.

Jay is not as smart as me.

Radek's not finished.


I met him in a bar.

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We can't be sure which door Ariel will come through.

I never laid eyes on Mikey again.

There's nothing in the bucket.

I'm sure Mark understands what needs to be done.

You look like an imbecile.


It is not easy to commit dates to memory.

The police are trying to get entirely rid of drunken driving.

Don't let me die.

Sergio had a date for Valentine's Day.

He took it into his head to start the next morning.


How do you feel about it?


I got acquainted with him last year.


I asked Claude about that.